Born: January 28, 1977 in Juneau, Alaska
Home: Currently lives in Cornelius, OR

   I didn't originally plan on becoming a graphic designer. As a child I often dreamt of being a teacher or a children's book illustrator. In fact, it wasn't until I became unhappy with my computer science major during my sophmore year at Oregon State University that I decided I needed a change. My first idea was to go into movie special effects, but at the time funding for that type of education was unrealistic. Despite this obstacle I still wanted to persue an art degree. After visiting the Portland State website I became very interested in the graphic design program. The idea of creating interesting layouts and images for print and the web, sounded challenging and more importantly fun!

   I am almost finished with my third year of a bachelor degree in graphic design and do not regret my decision. I find the graphic design profession to be the most rewarding field out there. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing an early concept transform into a final product.

   Don't forget to check out my gallery of designs and fine art on my gallery page!



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